If you like to smoke or ingest marijuana, odds are you have some go-to favorites in the media realm. Often your go-to’s vary dependent upon the strain you’re smoking and how much you’ve smoked.

Maybe you smoke a bowl of sativa and get inspired to clean your apartment so you throw a timeless record on the turntable and dance around while vacuuming in your underwear—or is that just me?

Maybe you roll yourself a 70/30 spliff weed to tobacco ratio and take the dog for an extended walk while listening to a favorite comedy podcast like Doug Loves Movies, Getting Doug with High or Comedy Bang! Bang!

Maybe you fire up the blowtorch for pulling a dab and then attempt to play some Madden but quickly realize you don’t have the reflexes to keep the Seahawks from intercepting every pass you attempt.

Or maybe you eat yourself a 100mg indica infused Rice Krispy and get couch locked while a South Park marathon runs on Comedy Central followed by the almost inevitable weekly airing of Pineapple Express or Half Baked.


Regardless of your preferred method for getting high, we all have our little stoner idiosyncrasies that often correlate into what happens in the following hours. As my aforementioned underwear vacuuming is a typical weekly activity, the other three also completely apply to me, as I’m sure it does in various forms for many others.

Being the first installment of “High Entertainment,” I thought it best to introduce myself through some of my specific go-to’s across the media genres: movies, television, music, podcast, comedy and a few other random categories. I figure over the course of this column I will delve deeper into specific categories one at a time with reviews, previews, suggestions, interviews and more through the High Entertainment lens.

I formally welcome you to High Entertainment. I’ll be your stoney 21st-century Sherpa and look forward to guiding you throughout the hazy world of marijuana media. I’ll refer to myself as M. Correll or MC and invite you to do the same. So without further ado, here comes what I’ll call the Benson introduction since this all-star comedian covers the gamut of marijuana media, including standup comedy, film, television, web shows and podcasts.


 An Intro:

Doug Benson is a comedian hailing from San Diego, CA who started making a real name for himself in the comedy scene as a talking head on VH1’s Best Week Ever in the early 2000’s and made a name for himself in the marijuana scene in 2004 when he created an Off-Broadway play called “The Marijuanalogues” with fellow comedians Arj Barker and Tony Camin.

Benson received the distinguished title of High Time Magazine’s Stoner of the Year and then further solidified himself amongst today’s comedians ranking 6th on Last Comic Standing in 2007. While he didn’t reach the top three, he quickly developed an almost cult-like following with his quite specific audience of comedy stoners. Around this time was when he also launched his first podcast “Doug Loves Movies,” an audio only podcast recorded live in front of audiences where Benson and his guests discuss movies and play film-related trivia games. This podcast is recorded in comedy clubs around the country and has included guests across all media with the likes of Amy Schumer, Paul F. Thompkins, Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, pretty much the whole
cast of Silicon Valley, Morgan Spurlock, Danny Trejo and even “Mark Wahlberg,” or at least someone that sounds like him.

doug-loves-movies-4251While it’s clear I could talk about Benson for days on end and my love for Doug Loves Movies and every standup album he recorded each year on 4/20. I’ll refrain from overdoing it on the details and give you the best-of-the-best of Benson High Entertainment.tumblr_mxzc6zznfl1rlybdho1_1280

Podcast: Getting Doug with High [GDWH]:

If you don’t know Doug Benson, you don’t know that he’s one of the main innovators in marijuana-centric entertainment, a short step behind Cheech & Chong. GDWH is a weekly Youtube live-broadcasted show in which Benson gets high on camera often with two or more guests ranging from fellow comedians to musicians, actors and even adult film stars. The show covers marijuana in a broad spectrum from weed news around the country (Pot Topics!) to the individual guest’s High History about how they got started with marijuana.

GDWH can be enjoyed via the live stream or archived videos on YouTube, but an alternative method for those on the go can listen to the audio-only version on your favorite podcast provider. It may sound weird just listening to the audio of people sitting around getting high, but there’s very little missed from the video format other than the magic trick (because who doesn’t love magic when you’re super baked?) by Gabe the Magician at the end of the show.

As the public’s views on marijuana have shifted, the GDWH filming has garnered the ability to start filming episodes outside of their basement studio hosting a live ‘vape-only’ event in Colorado on April 20th, 2016. With even more states on the ballot for legalization, it’s only a matter of time before Benson will be able to host these live podcasts in other designated ‘vape-only’ theaters or even an outdoor venue.

Movie: Super High Me:

This is the pinnacle of stoner movies and has been my required watching on 4/20 almost every single year since I started smoking marijuana in 2007, the same year Super High Me was released. Super High Me is a documentary that follows Benson downloadaround on a personal marijuana journey to prove to the world that marijuana isn’t anywhere near as harmful as our government and general conservatives portray it.

[Side Note: Super High Me is a parody title knocking off Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me. This was the first time that Benson parodied Spurlock, but certainly not his last. His follow-up films The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled and ChronicCon Episode 420 A New Dope were named after Spurlock’s The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and ComicCon Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, respectively—all with Spurlock’s blessing.]

He starts with 30 days of not smoking any marijuana (when was the last time you tried that?) and undergoes a battery of tests that relate to the often misconstrued fallacies of smoking marijuana. The medical tests include lung capacity, sperm count and weight chance, while the mental tests involved were taking the SAT, the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and a Psychic ESP Test.super_size_me_poster

After the first 30 days, the real weed fun began with Benson smoking all day, every day from his morning wake n’ bake to what I’ll call his ‘bowl in bed’ since there’s no socially common phrase for a ‘nightcap’ of marijuana.

Benson was retested in all of the aforementioned categories with a surprising change between sober and not [gotta watch to find out, or go to Wikipedia]. Within both halves of the film are various looks at the early stages of medical marijuana in California.


As many stoners do, I went off on a tangent. I was expecting to give you guys some of my favorites artists in every category, but once I started down the Benson road my love for standup comedy and the general comedy scene itself I realized I couldn’t just write a small review for Doug. Benson has been in DC three times in the past year and half, including a special 7/10 Dab Day show. With our newfound legalization, Benson has no intention on slowing down his DC appearances since we’re essentially the California of the East coast (as long as the Prop 64 passes for them next week).

Overall, that’s an introduction to me. Obsessed with marijuana and entertainment.

Despite this being my first column for DCWeedWorld.com, I am truly grateful for the opportunity and already can tell that I’m going to enjoy my time here. It’s been some time since I last exercised my journalistic skills and look forward to using them to give you some killer High Entertainment.

If you want to reach out feel free to email me or hit me up on Twitter @thenewgonzo.

-stay lit. (and Happy Halloween)