Dcweedworld is happy to bring you coverage from two of the Top Events in our city on Sunday April 23rd.

Well i started my day at one of the original initiative 71 supporters. That’s DC’sSweetSensations Sundays Sessions . Where i was able to get an up close with the Chef and Medical Diva Uneeda Nichols.

She had all farm fresh fruits and vegetables and seafood being prepared with Love or as we say. She was fittin to put her foot in it !
You can see from the video she was not playing and as always she provides the very best in entertainment and Medicine.
She is very knowledgeable so if you need information on how to eat or prepare infused foods Uneeda is more than capable of getting you on your way to eating healthy indused foods

As for my second stop of the day it was the 2017 Ediblesfest hosted by Rick Scott and marijuanas.org.
I must say i didn’t arrive ’til 3:25pm and it was in full effect!
The atmosphere was great and everyone was having a great. I want to acknowledge every vendor who was nice enough to take a minute while being overwhelmed with customers to meet an talk with me.
I was even given free samples along with contact information.
So I want to thank
BudLyfe Exclusives,
Stoner Girl treats and eats,
Terpy Solutions,
Bornatty Clothing,
Gabby Goodies,
Elev8ted Livin,
Castronaut Chocolates,
DMV Organics,
Pwillz Custumz LLC,
Buddy Bakers,
Taste Buds420,
Cloud9 Gourment Edibles,
Cakes by Shelby,
Nug Run DC,
Love and Sugar ,
I Waketh I Baketh,
Sneeky Snacks,
Hemp kettle tea,
Dorians Sauce,
Rose Glow Tea Room ,
A&C and my favorite Local
Clover Honey! Its is amazing! Im drinking a cup of tea infused with the honey wow!

I must say that it gonna take me a week or two to get thru all if the good stuff I got.
Not one bad edible!

This event was very well organized and I enjoyed every minute I was there.
Special shout outs to DC Scroger who got me started with infused cotton candy.
Also my man Dr.Trichome and Chef Z.

Rick Scott you pulled a rabbit out of the hat on this one.
Congrats on a great event.
Can’T wait til the next Ediblesfest!